“I've taught hundreds of drummers over the years, many have gone on to become professional drummers and teachers.”

About Me

Andy Feeney is a professional drum teacher who has been teaching drums since 1995. Andy has been involved in playing and making music since 1980 and has played drums seriously since 1983. Andy has taken over 10 years of drum lessons himself with several of the UK’s top tutors.

He played in his first band in 1984 going through numerous bands and projects in the first couple of years playing. In 1986 he joined his first serious band; a club band called By Design. In 1988 he played with Sheffield band Haze who played all over the UK including London, Birmingham, Manchester and US airbases and universities.

Since then he has played in over thirty bands covering all styles from Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Blues, even a percussion trio! Many of these bands were full-time professional bands.

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