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Teaching drum kit
Two drum kits are used for one to one drum lessons with me at Real Time Music. The main teaching kit used is a Pearl Forum drum kit finished in chrome, cymbals used are all Sabian cymbals, and they are a pair of 14 Hi-Hats, a 16 Crash cymbal, and a 20 Ride cymbal. Both kits have Mapex double pedals and mixture of hardware, the drum heads used or either Evans or Code heads, and I use Vic Firth 5A Extreme drum sticks.

The teaching room has Fibre broadband and webcams for use during online lessons. There is a PA system and mixing desk so music can be played in the room and along to.
I have every drum grade book published in the last 30 years, and hundreds of the classic and best drum books of all time - from Stick Control right up to newly released publications.

I also have many drum transcriptions I have acquired over the years, and I have written out thousands of these myself. Many of the transcriptions are in PDF form and can be given to you in person or emailed. I can also work out, and write out, and demonstrate any song I haven't already done (I have been transcribing songs for over 36 years)
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